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Complicated NGD and problem/question


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5 hours ago, DeepEnd said:

You're not getting fret buzz because of the relatively high action. All these parameters interact. Further, if you add relief it will raise the action slightly. You may well need to live with your guitar as is. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the "good enough."

As for "normal" strings that assumes guitarists are "normal." ;) Seriously, typically you're going to find mediums (usually 13's) or lights (generally 12's). That doesn't mean either is best for your particular guitar or for you.

Yes, I understand that. I'm just taking this as a fun experience/experiment. I already like the guitar a LOT. so it's already better than 'good enough' :)

I'm surprised how sweet it sounds even as I move right up the neck. Bar chords ring out. And this is with french shop-brand 80/20 in 10s. Will be interesting to see how it responds to other strings.

The action is already playable. But I'm learning a lot from this whole discussion. And it's kind of the perfect time to try to figure out what setup I can/want to have. 

I'm not sure really low action is right for me. And I have the impression that higher action actually helps hammer-ons to sound clearly (that possible?)

Thanks to everyone; And Freeman...I haven't forgotten you. Big shops are closed right now in France and I only have a 50 steel ruler. that means I can move it up the fretboard to see where the fret plane meets the saddle...but it's moving away from the lowest frets and (I guess) following the bend of the relief...I'll post here when I get a longer ruler (or cut a metal thing I have to the right length and see...wil nee a bit of time for that. (Hope your knee is okay!).


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On 2/4/2021 at 3:56 AM, Brindleleaf said:

I have the impression that higher action actually helps hammer-ons to sound clearly (that possible?)

Sounds reasonable to me since farther string travel would presumably translate into clearer impact. As I noted before, these parameters interact and they're not etched in stone; the goal is to achieve a setup that's right for you.

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