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Hey there,


Long time member of the HC forums, but I've never posted on the effects forum.  But I'm looking for thoughts.  I've never owned a fuzz pedal.  Now I have my eye on the Danelectro 3699 fuzz/octave pedal.  I currently play through a Dr. Z M12 and generally keep it at about 6 on the master, so it breaks up a little on it's own.  For overdrive, I use a Soul Food, which I love.  My second dirt pedal is a tube screamer, but that barely gets touched, so I was thinking a Fuzz would diversify the sounds I'm able to get more.  

Anyone have any thoughts on this pedal or recommend a different fuzz/octave pedal.

A little background, I perform in a cover wedding/casino band 5-6 times a month (pre covid of course), and have a fairly simple pedal board (tuner, 2 delays, 2 distortions, chorus, reverb, and wah).  I usually perform with an ES-335 or an ES Les Paul.

Thanks for any input!

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DOD Carcosa, affordable fuzzer that has a ton of sounds in it.


Much better deal than the 3699, which based on what it is should be at least 1/2 the price (a MIC FOXX Tone Machine clone with SMD components) ~ Another great gateway fuzzer is the EQD Hoof.

I've got a ton of fuzz, and I love them all!

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