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DMXis and FCB1010


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First, if this is the wrong section to post this discussion, please let me know.

I have been using DMXis for a while now with a dual footswitch to go back and forth on banks and presets. Its okay but kind of clunky. I read about the FCB1010 and using MIDI and thought if I could assign presets to pedals I could avoid the scrolling up and down. I downloaded the FCB1010 editor from Mountain Utilities and learned how to use that. I was able to upload to the controller and then the back to the editor. Cool. But then I could not get the DMXis to respond to the FCB1010. Being new to MIDI and having purchased a USED FCB1010, I had to eliminate some possibilities. I bought a new MIDI/USB cord, just in case, and hooked the controller up to an OBEY 70 board I had. Programed the controller using the editor and POOF! everything worked as it should. So, I figure I was doing the programming correctly and the FCB1010 was working fine. 

Does anyone have working knowledge of the DMXis and FCB1010? I have posted on the DMXis forum but it has not garnered too much insight. I simply want to (for right now) be able to select a DMXis bank and preset by mashing some pedals. I am hoping to assign pedals for verse, chorus, blackout, fades, haze, etc on the same numbered pedals and then just selct the appropriate bank to use them. I know with the latest beta version of DMXIS I can assign channel 15 for DMXis bank changes and channel 16 for DMXis preset (scene) changes using NOTE messages. Maybe I am not fully understanding MIDI yet, but I do fine with the OBEY 70 board but not with the DMXis. Maybe something in my setting within DMXis but I checked and re-checked.

I really need to be spoon-fed here I think. It seems simple enough to me and I THINK I am on the right track but maybe not. I wish DMXis had a MIDI assignment table similar to the OBEY 70 but I have not been able to find one. I just go into the editor and program pedals 1 -10 for Note On msgs. It should select the DMXis preset after that, correct?

I know I have probably not explained this very well, I am new and still ignorant but thanks for listening and hopefully someone can help.

Oh, I have the latest firmware in the controller, It is the stock eprom, NOT the UNO.

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Hi. I use the FCB1010 and DMXIS all the time, before the world shut down. 

Right out of the box, whatever bank you are in on DMXIS, you can choose up to 100 different presets. 

bank 1 (LED 01)

pedals 1 - 10 select the first 10 scene in the bank. 

Bank 2 (LED 02)

pedals 1 - 10 select the next 10 scenes 

i find 100 different scenes will get me through a night, so I have no need for the ability to select another bank. If I needed to I could switch to another set of scenes manually on the computer. 

myself, I often arranged scenes like this. 

1 - intro 1

2 - intro 2

3 - verse 1

4 - verse 2

5 - chorus 1

6 - chorus 2

7 - solo 1

8 - solo 2

9 - ending 1

10 - big ending 2


i would designate say bank 00 scene 10 as complete blackout. I use the volume pedals, one for the hazed and the other for my Fog Fury Jetts. Handy as heck that way. I might also have 2 banks with the lights shining on the band members off so they are in silhouette. 


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