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Bently Acoustic Electric Model 514B

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Good morning all,

First post here. I have a Bently Acoustic Electric Model 514B which was found in my neighbors attic. I love it and can't find any information on it. Does anyone have any info on this guitar? I would like to upgrade the bridge pins. Does anyone know what size pins it takes? I don't have a caliper to measure them.



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I, too, have never heard of Bentley guitars [but then again, no one ever heard of mine either].

Bentley's are made in Korea, and are relatively cheap instruments, the only one I see at Reverb.com ATM is selling for $150 w/hsc...the case is likely worth more than the guitar. A search for Bentley guitars came up with zip. I'm guessing these were made as a house line for some large store? Or possibly was a military purchase overseas?

Josh, what matters is that you like it!

As to the bridge pins, you will absolutely need to measure them, as there are a number of diameter variations out there...and slotted/unslotted, ridged/unridged, 3 degree or 5 degree taper...and, no big surprise, Bentley does not show in any of the charts:wave:

This is a fairly comprehensive list of pin codes and what they fit


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Hi and Welcome to the Forums. I remember Bentley guitars from the mid 70's. They were inexpensive and not well built. If yours is like the ones I remember I don't know if new bridge pins will improve it. Maury's has a guide to pin sizes, although Bentley isn't on it. I recommend you find a way to measure one of yours to see what size might be correct. One option would be to visually compare it to something with a known diameter like a drill bit. Best of luck.

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