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Unidentified randall cabinet... anybody able to identify?

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So, my bassist had bought this cabinet and he has given it to me, because he doesnt want it anymore... I thought, great! The only problem? I cant tell what the back of the damn thing says. The paint is chipped off on the back of the speaker and I only really have the serial # and the model no. From what I can gather it is a 4x12, it's a tilted style cabinet (I dont know much about cabs tbh) and I just really want to figure out the ohms and Impedance. The serial is 882477 and the model is R212 BC it has one input and one output and a two way vertical switch in between them with two faded labels above and below the switch. Anybody able to help?

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4 hours ago, SteinbergerHack said:

The number woul dseem to indicate that it's a 2x12, not a 4x12, and what you describe doesn't match up to a R212CB

I wonder if someone replaced the jack plate with one from a different cab at some point? :confused2:

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