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2020 slash appetite amber... with no amber tint?

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So i bought a slash appetite amber burst and found a blem i couldn’t live with, so i took it back and traded it in for one that had just come off the truck while i was there. We unboxed it and the guy there almost thought it was the wrong guitar at first... it was a natural maple finish with zero amber tint! At first i didn’t want to take it, but then i thought it was really nice looking and maybe pretty unique? Any one else seen one with no amber tint to it?  





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On 11/21/2020 at 11:08 AM, 6down1togo said:

Nice guitar. I have a Guild Bluesbird like that. I think it looks much nicer than the overdone yellow.

Kind of makes you wonder about Epiphone's QC though. How do they let a guitar with the wrong finish slip through the cracks?

It’s not an Epiphone though lol... it’s the gibson slash les paul. 

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That explains it! lol

No, I love Gibson guitars. Everyone likes to rip on them but despite their faults (actual or perceived), they have something all the others lack. You pick one up and plug it in and immediately think "Wow, I get it now". My LP, 335 and 137 are my second most prized (I consider them equals) guitars. My Gretsch Country Classic though, will always remain on the throne!

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