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Thank you for your input heath!  yes I have actually just got done building stands out of 4x4s and 2x6s  to get the speakers up 48" from stage level.  This past sunday was first time running sound since the change.  I noticed that the front few rows are not being blown away with the highs but the vocals were still pretty clear.  I still have not gotten the tops and bottoms separated with a crossover yet, as still not having funds to do so, but am working towards it as i can.  The sound of the system is very good, and almost weekly I get compliments from the congregation on how well it sounds.  Yes 108 is loud, I had just been doing testing to see how loud I could push it.  we run more like 98 to 100 with bumps to around 102 for the most intense parts of songs, but not often.  I  check in here every couple of days, but as I need to get a pic of the stage set up as it currently is with the speakers now on stands(they are affixed to the floor on all 4 posts).

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