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The Joys of the BOSS OD-20!

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I have always loved a good gain/distortion/fuzz/whatever pedal. I have had some I loved to death, like the Boss HM1, the stupidly rare Feedbacker, OD1, Tube Screamer, and even some of the ancient stuff like the Fuzzface, various Rats, and even a Maestro Fuzztone. (God, that was a nasty sounding pedal in retrospect!) And today I have 3 that I use on occasion. But I always wanted something as bit.... different. And last week on feebay (where else) I found it. The Boss OD-20!

Think of some of your fav pedals in one box, and at your feet. Need the gain abilities of a blues Driver? it's there. Some metal gain to make your guitar sound like a broken chainsaw? Yep, it's possible. What I LOVE about this thing is something most pedals forget: Each guitar sounds different thru it. My Epi SG Pro with alnico 8 pickups has a different tone then the SQ custom with alnico 2. My Faded Paul studio, sounds different then my Artist, that sounds different then my Manoman. And I would never have expected these words out of my mouth,. but single coils sound GLORIUS thru this! All the chime and quack, are still there! And need to have an octave down? It's there, and will be there for about an octave and a half from Low E. After that, it disappears.

Yeah, a few aspects of it sucks, like the cycling thru the presets, or having to hit the variation button with your naked toe, things like that. But overall, I am thrilled with it! 

Anyone else have one?


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