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Hey all. Since Covid crap struck, I haven't worked since March. Which is kinda good, since I have have had a few medical issues surgically worked on in the meantime. Sucks, with the loss of money, but I have always had a few guitars that my wife has called the 401K plan. Which is strange, thinking that even without the stimulus checks, nor the majority of the US workforce completely back, people still have money to spend on a good guitar on feebay or CL. Go figure....

Ok, that now off my chest, I saw this in a pawn shop. After a few minutes of playing, whining about the tiny speck of lost finish, and the buzzing from the crappy strings, and the ever asking, "Does this have a case? If not, I probably won't buy it." (A complete lie, but hey, you know the drill. ) After she brings me the original hard case, and after a little bit more of pointing out ALL the flaws, (Both real and "imagined") I came home with this, for LESS then $300!!!!

A 2000 Korean made SG-400 Custom! I had bought it to flip, but "Mary" is staying with me for a while I think. The pickups are decent. A bit...."muffled" but still serviceable. I may replace them with either a set of alnico 5's or a set of 2's I have the parts drawer. The action is brilliant, equaling my 73 Gibby SG, a bone nut, which should be standard on all guitar, was cut and set up perfectly, and after a few moments with a rag, water, and some Crest toothpaste, the gold pickups covers lost the crud, and came back to life with minty freshness!







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Hope you're doing well and or better.

I'm not an SG fan... think it would take multiple therapy sessions to figure out why.... But that one looks very tasty.

Between pickups and neck reads "Les Paul Custom": is that because of 3 pickups? Are they same as in a Custom? Ah, forget it. Not important.

Nice deal ya got there

Looks more like a Carol to me than Mary... but to each their own


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3 hours ago, daddymack said:

kinda has that Sister Rosetta Tharpe thing goin' on...

It sure does. Rosetta played a lot of different guitars over the years, Round Neck Dobro's, Gibson, Gretsch , but the SG custom is probably the one that was most famous. By then TV was popular.


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