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singular audio f-48 fet condenser microphone

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Has anyone seen this brand before? I came across them on instagram and wondered if anyone had any experience with one of their products. it seems reasonably priced for what they're offering, but they are quite new in the business so i'm not sure.

Supposedly they have a U47 fet type mic that's new : https://www.singularaudio.nl/shop/f-48-microphone

The design looks neat.





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There are a mind-boggling number of U47 clones - both tube and FET.

If you're not dead set on a vintage-ish mic (for bragging rights?) I'd look at a Rode NT1 (not NT1-A) for a heck of a value.

IMO if you don't have an awesome big $$$ treated room to work in a big $$$ mic isn't going to sound any better than something like the NT1. Heck I've yet to convince myself that the NT1 would be a useful "upgrade" from my $80 AT2020 except for it's greater cork-sniffer cred ;)

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Well darn, now I got the GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) and I found a guy in Australia that makes both an inexpensive U47 and Telefunken 251 (AKG CK12 capsule) FET based clone. The latter was just upgraded this month http://www.3uaudio.com/cp.asp?id=651 while the former is a bit less expensive http://www.3uaudio.com/cp.asp?id=647 .  I ordered up a 251/CK12 version 2 here, AFAIK the first that will be shipping to the US https://www.ebay.com/itm/3U-Audio-Teal-CM1-SE-Condenser-Microphone-For-Acoustic-Guitar-Vocals/114357607089 . There's a bit of chatter about them on GearSlutz. While the new model Rode NT1 is a fine mike (and probably as good) it is more expensive and a bit hard to find right now.

Oh, and it's just crazy to find a non-electret (externally biased) "true" condenser mic at these prices 😲

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