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Jackson Pro Solist SL2 - Deep Purple Metallic - New


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Still in brand new condition. Not a single flaw, scratch, or anything. Those are the actual guitar photos, taken in a studio, but I can provide closeups of any area you wish to see. Let me know. All manufacturer hardware included. Selling for $590, street price I see online for equivalent condition is around $800 - $850. So I hope that's fair. Check out the specs on the web, but here's the summary: neck through, real Floyd Rose (not a licensed Floyd), mahogany body, Seymour Duncan pickups, Ebony fretboard, etc. GORGEOUS deep purple color that sometimes looks closer to blue in different lighting.

This guitar NEEDS you if you can say yes to the following: First, watch every Britny Fox music video on YouTube and if you make it past that, go to the nearest second hand clothing store, get some red spandex pants, tie some bandanas around the thigh area, find some British Knights high tops, an acid washed jean jacket, and a case of Aqua-Net hairspray. Then drop everything and move to LA in the hopes that someone will listen to your teary-eyed power ballad with a totally sweet guitar solo in the middle about comin’ back to your midwestern hometown after years on the road only to discover an aloof leggy blonde who used to be a shy nerdy teacher’s assistant that nobody noticed when you were in school together now standing on top of your super sweet black Camaro SS in the rain flipping her hair around so you sit on the hood and kick out another sweet guitar solo while the wind blows your hair around too. :-)



BTW, I also have a separate Tremol-No, new, if you're interested in that as well. It will fit this guitar perfectly. How about $35










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