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Shortage of lower end USB interfaces

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Strangely enough many vendors are out-of-stock. Are that many "shut-ins" buying them up? A notable exception is the Presonus Audiobox 96 which is actually at closeout pricing ($99). The replacements are both $159 - the PreSonus AudioBox iTwo for Mac/Pc/iOS 96K - and the PreSonus Studio 24c for Mac/PC 192K with USB-C. Both still have MIDI.

Quick question - does everyone use 96K these days or are some productions done at 48 or 44.1? Any of youse guys using 192K ?

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I'm thinking issues with supply chain might be affecting stock levels? Not entirely sure. 

My interface is capable of go up to 192K but the trade off between audio quality and file size isn't worth it. I briefly used 96K for a short while, but it's still not worth it. I have a friend who runs a commercial studio and he doesn't even use 96K and sticks with 48K. I tend to use 48K myself. I think high sample rates might be tough to deal with when track counts get higher.  I can't imagine using high sample rate again. When I track drums thats about 9 individual tracks. By the end of a project, using 48K the audio files for the drums are at least 1-2GB in total. If I ran it on 96K or 192K, the files would probably be 2-4 times that much.. Also if you're exchanging tracks and recordings with multiple collaborators then file transfers would be tougher too, also re-sampling might be an issue too. Gotta make sure everyone is on the same page.

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