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Hi & hope all are well. A quick question,,,, I noticed on all  of my pickguard I've been making,  positions 2 & 4 sound like you threw a blanket over the speaker. SD Surfers, SD Texas Hots, Little59, anything. 1/3/5 all sound great, but 2/4 loose all the top end & quack. Everything's in phase, & basically cool except for that veil. The only thing these pickguards all share in common, is a Blender Pot.  I have a master Vol., Master Tone, & the blender.
Before I start operating on everything, what the heck could it be? My volume pots are already 300k, but does the value of the single tone control pot matter? And/or does the Blender value matter?



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I've had blend pots on a few different guitars. One thing they had in common was a loss of treble .This would be especially noticeably in the 2&4 pos. I used no load tone pots to help compensate but eventually removed the blend pots. If you really like the blend pot you could consider 500k tone pots.


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