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Celtic harp?

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I had one of these show up to a recording session yesterday. How are you supposed to mic one? Fortunately it was just for background accents so I just miced it with my pair of Rode M5's, one on one side towards the treble end and the other on the other side towards the bass side. I assume I should phase reverse one? Sounds pretty good with them hard panned left and right. The (dining) room was smallish but a bit on the live side - we have the drums set up in the living room with a temp wall between that and the dining room where we record everything else.

I have a Shure A81WS  that will fit an M5 if I wanted to use it for vocals but have been using my $80 AT2020 with a $6 pop filter - I don't think the level of talent would see any better results from a more expensive mic?

So far I've resisted purchasing one of the $200 tube mics on the market - I assume they would still sound like Chinese low end crap but with a tube to make the talents feel "special"? LOL

One of the singer/songwriters claims he can get a high end tube mic on loan for us - I'm skeptical #1 that it would be a significant upgrade here and #2 he's a "musician" so probably unaware how improbable it is that someone would loan such to a low end home studio. 

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