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Amp selection

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I know this and other topics have been beat to death but here we go again.

Here's what I got and I'd like some recommendations on which amp I should buy and which amp should drive what and any future purchase recs.

We're a 4 piece band (2 guitars, bass, drums) playing classic to modern rock.

Current setup ( I just sold some old amps)

Mains-Peavey SP2g 600w program 8ohm

Subs -Peavey 118subhc 700w program 8 ohm

Board=Behringer 3282a

100ft 24/8 snake


1 Yamaha 31 band eq and 1 Dod 2ch 15 band eq

Driverack PA

Alesis digital reverb

Amps 2 Crown Powertech 1-305w @ 8ohms/600w bridged 4ohms > 1000 dampening factor

Peavey PV500 for monitors

I have a spare PV500-maybe use to biamp mains or should I sell ?

I was looking at QSC GX5

Alright, let me have it. I have broad shoulders

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