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On 6/22/2020 at 10:59 AM, Elfael said:

These guys only use vox amps and I think they get a really good sound from their Rickenbacker guitars - not the usual jingle-jangle!



I don't know who those guys are, but that jangle has to be worked on to achieve that sound. It just doesn't come with a Rickenbacker and Vox.

I currently own 4 Rickenbacker guitars. A 330, a 6320, and a 330-12, which all have the modern Rickenbacker pup ups. A 350v63 I have has  Toaster pick ups.  Toaster pups are rather low output too.

Rickenbacker pick ups are not all that bright, the toasters are a touch weaker and even less bright. I push them with a OD box and a compressor, just to the point of break up for that famous Rickenbacker jangle.

The Jangle just doesn't come otherwise.

Plugged in to an old school Marshall you get a Smithereens tone.

I  like the sound of Vox amps, but the new Vox stuff is all made over seas, unless you spend some coin.



Many many years ago when I saw REM Peter Buck was using a Mesa Mark amp and a Fender Twin. There are plenty of guys that have used Rickenbacker's over the decades, that don't have that famous Rickenbacker Jangle.


Johnny Marr used Fender Amps

The Plimsouls



I though might be some BS spam, but I saw your thread replay on Chris Thile. I've seen him a bunch of times, starting with Nickle Creek.

There's a festival in my home town called Freshgrass. I have played it about 4-5 times. Chris has been there a lot. He's really good. 

He was better at 13 years old than I was am at 58. I don't practice mandolin that much, so it's to be expected.

No Freshgrass this year, because of covid 19. The First Freshgrass was so small I never even heard of it. It was like 50 fans of bluegrass standing around. Now it brings in like 6000 people over a 3 day weekend.

The Berklee kids that play there are really talented too. Mandolin, Banjo, Fiddlers, Bluegrass guitarists that will do nothing but become better at there instrument while they are there at Berklee. 
















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