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How many of Ye Olde HCEG Gang are still here?

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Me neither, but trying a Plexi for the first time (in the form of the Studio Vintage), I understood how a lower-gain, more dynamic amp could be "played".

I've most active on TGP for guitar and Gearslutz for synth. Muffwiggler is more modular-oriented, and VSE is rather slow these days.

I begrudgingly use Facebook for gear sales and a local synth group. I prefer forums, and I'm not even 30. I'm a Boomer trapped in a Millennial body.

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Strange days and covid-19 have resurrected this zombie .

I joined around 15 years ago. Just started getting back into playing guitar as my interest comes in waves. 

Was pretty much a lurker, but back in the day this was the best forum anywhere! Its a shame what happened, but that's life I guess. Check in here now and again, but it just seems so slow.

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Not sure if I qualify as one of the gang, but I'm drawn back here every time I read that one of my old guitar heroes has died!

In its heyday this place was absolutely buzzing... has seemed a bit of a ghost town any time I've dropped in the past decade or so...

Still, nice to see some familiar old names in this thread - GilmourD, xStonr, Ancient Mariner, GAS Man, Kevman, Brian Krashpad... also just looked up jjpistols and watched some of his vids on FB :)

I don't use social media much but I do watch guitar-related material on YouTube - lessons, gear demos, rig rundowns, interviews, etc. Seldom post on any forums but there are still a handful of decent guitar forums out there that are a good source for knowledge and experience.


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I've just checked in for the first time in.... years. Miss this place, used to surf it all day long when I worked a dead-end desk job with a lax web-use policy.

Anyway, thread needs more guitars. Here's a pic of my main squeeze at the moment - "inherited" from my dad recently - he's alive and well, but mostly plays acoustic these days.stratCOLLAGE.thumb.jpg.b9e3d31969075397e513116f63a97f1d.jpg

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