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I just began my first DIY guitar project

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I bought a neck and body from the online 'ebay' type site here. I'm not sure if the body and neck have quality but I got them both for about equivalent to 30 dollars each. The body is said to be maple but it has a dark stain to it. I'm not sure if that's characteristic of maple. The neck looks like a music man neck with the 4x2 tuner config. https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/best-sales-unfinished-diy-guitar-body-maple-body-for-fender-st-style-guitar-i380586433-s867264569.html?mp=1


It's nothin but I can tell it's gonna turn out great. I'll have a nice quality super strat soon made by the luthier here.



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^ totally agreed ...

First, 'pare', you can't call this a DIY if you hand the parts off to a 'luthier'...who likely isn't really a luthier.

Second, you don't need a luthier...the 'luthery' has been done [neck and body made] ...maybe you would want a qualified tech to do the final tweaks, but what you have is the basis of a 'kit' to be assembled. You should order tuners, pots, caps, wire, p-ups, etc. and build your own...learn something hands on!

If you can solder* and turn a screwdriver/nutdriver, it is knowledge that can save you a ton of money in the future...😎



*I taught myself to solder out of the need to repair guitar cables. That ability got me a job in hi-tech manufacturing and that led to decades in aerospace and management. It also got me into repairing my own gear, which led me to do repairs for other people...So you just never know what one 'inconsequential skill' derived from the needs of one's hobby can lead one to. I'm jus'sayin'...:wave:

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For most of us, "DIY" means "Do It Yourself." If all you're doing is buying parts for someone else to assemble that would be "Do It Himself."

4 hours ago, badpenguin said:

Same "luthier" who has worked on your gear before? Good luck with that.:philpalm:

^+1. Whoever he is, he's not a "luthier" by a long shot, barely a "tech," and from your description his work has been pretty shoddy.

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