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Hey all,

So, in my quest to push the elephant up the stairs further with the COVID quarantine, one of the things I decided I would like to be better at, is formal ear training. Being a "learned on the streets" guitar player, I have never been forced to actually sit through formal ear training classes. I feel it is something I really missed out on and should be able to do better by now. So in looking to correct that, I hit up the old Googler to see what resources are available. There are quite a few free trainers and I settled in on this one:


So far I am finding it really valuable. I like how you can set your quiz length either by amount of questions, or by time. Very practical! Tons of features in here that allow you to drill down on whatever it is you feel you need work on. Nice site. You can join the site for $20 US a year which allows you to track progress and some other things (zero affiliation here).

Anyway, thought it was share worthy so there you go!

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