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For sale: Classe SSP-800


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The SSP-800 is a striking surround processor with HDMI from Classe Audio Audiophile Performance Quality.
The Classe SSP-800 is loaded with the latest high-tech features, connectivity, and upgradability, yet sound quality remains its chief virtue.
Menu driven front panel controls allow a high degree of customization for an ideal user experience.
Five-band manual parametric equalization is provided for each of the ten channels to help tune the system to its environment.
All bass management filters, level adjustments and parametric EQ filters also benefit from the added precision. Two DSPs, each rated at 2800 MIPS (Million Instructions perSecond) provide HD Audio decoding and the power to handle a vast array of post processing features at full resolution.
Floating point arithmetic is used for all audio signal calculations to ensure the most accurate results possible.
Offering both balanced and single-ended connections for all channels. Audio Digital SignalProcessing (DSP) is handled by Texas Instruments processors, which operate in64-bit double precision.
The SSP-800 is not only the most sophisticated controller I’ve had, it’s also the most intuitive. The front panel contains a volume knob and just three buttons: “Standby,” “Menu,” and “Mute.” Other functions are accessed by the touchscreen panel. 
Number of Channels: 7.1 Channel Surround Sound Processor, Audio Outputs: 7.1 XLR/RCA, XLR. Audio Inputs: HDMI, Everything works according with no issues at all with this beauty.

Excellent working condition.

Asking price for it is US2350$ shipped.

If you are interested kindly contact me via mail
equipments at protonmail dot com

Thank you for looking. 






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