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How to wire: 2 Single conductor Humbuckers, 1 single coil, 1 volume, 1 tone, 5 way switch?


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Hi everyone!

I have a HSH type guitar with: 

  • 1 Volume  
  • 1 Tone (push/pull)
  • 5 way switch "import" type (the square one)

See the diagram of the guitar: http://cortguitars.tendency.kr/uFiles//product/90/schematics/X-11.pdf

I want to replace the existing humbuckers with two new humbuckers. The issue? They are single conductor type: only 1 (braided) wire..so no split possible which I am OK with. 

From what I understand I have to solder the inner wire to the 5-way switch and ground the braided side to the volume pot. 

My questions/concerns: 

  1. In the existing set-up  and in addition to the "hot" wire there are white+red wires from each humbucker connected to 5-way switch. From those connections of the switch wires are running to the ton pot (which I intend to leave this wire). Since there will be no (red+white) wire connected to the ton pot, will I be able to adjust the ton of those new humbuckers? 
  2. I understand that coil split will not be possible with the new set-up. Nevertheless, will I be able to combine the bridge (full humbucker) +middle and middle+neck (full humbucker)?
  3. Basically, what is the correct wiring? 

Thank you for your help!!!


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Your current wiring has coil split capability via a push pull. Just wire the conductors to same spots on the switch and snip off off the coil split wiring at the switch (red+white on the diagram). If you solder a jumper at the switch from each humbucker's connector to it's red+white conductor lug, your pickups will work whether the push/pull is up or down, otherwise, you will have a built in "kill" switch in the coil split position.


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I admire the simplicity of your approach


 Personally, I prefer the humbucker wired conventionally to a 3-way toggle, and the single wired in-phase/off/out-of-phase to a second 3-way toggle.  3 volume pots, 1 tone pot.


 Amazing what tonal variety you can conjure with such a simple setup.

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A friend of mine has a strat with a ten-way switch. The switch looks like a standard five-way, but it has an up-down function as well. So, five up positions and five down.

I haven't worked out how many possible combinations there are with two single coil pickups and one humbucker, but it's a lot. He's trying to figure out the best five, so he doesn't have the complexity of a ten-way.

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