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Hulston Prickle

Jose Mod Marshall in a Box?

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By now I'm sure many of you have seen this Pete Thorn video:

I LOVE the tone Pete gets here, particularly at 22:40 and after (the rhythm tone). So open, so crisp, tight, with harmonics and detail. You can hear every string and every note, but it's still high gain. I know it's a fool's errand, but is there any pedal that gets CLOSE to this tone? A Jose Mod Marshall is just not in the budget. I realize there's a lot going on here, tubes and transformers, etc..., and I'm also not naive enough to think with the right pedal I will all of a sudden play like Pete Thorn. However, there's got to be a high gain Marshall in a Box type pedal with this much clarity and openness, right?

Any recommendations?


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Have you tried any of the 'high gain' pedals on the market? [so  I don't suggest something you've rejected already]

What amp are you running through now?

Is this for bedroom use or gigging?

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