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Prince Acheampong

Publishing admin company vs Publishing admin software

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I recently register as publishing company to release my upcoming album. After clearing all the legal stuffs and necessary registration I'm now thinking of how to administer my publishing company. I had two options which is to hire a Publishing admin company or do all the song registrations on my own.

Either I choose songtrust as administrator or use tuneregistry to streamline my registrations. Choosing between the two is not a big deal but maximizing my outcome and gaining all the royalties I deserve is the real deal here. 

So the question is, does publishing admin company have the power and resources to earn you all royalties including international royalties or you still get the same results if you properly register your songs on your own with the appropriate agencies.

And again, these companies take 15% ownership which sucks 😏 after paying them to administer your work.


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How many songs are you publishing? I do not know what the copyright laws are in Ghana, but I do know that being your own publisher is a lot of work...and surrendering 15% is painful, but may be a necessary pain.

Based on your other posts, I think you are putting the cart in front of the horse...

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