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Quilter Tone Block 202 w/ Overdrives (demo)

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6 hours ago, 1001gear said:

Sounds a little fatter than I remember. Different ambience?

Actually... the Sig Out (signal out) gave full power and the Volume had no effect (you needed to adjust volume via a mixer or some other method). Instead, I went Headphones out so that I could use the master volume. That made a difference in terms of 'clipping.' The second thing I did was use the FullQ setting rather than the Vintage setting (which has a scooped mid), which does fatten it up. Today I did a demo with the same Headphone out, but into the Blubox (by Bluguitar) for the speaker emulation... playing a Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid. I think the sound is a little more authentic, as I bypassed the cab sim of the Tone Block 202.



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7 hours ago, 1001gear said:

That one's a little fizzy - 80s ish. Friend of mine has one and I was surprised his combo was under 500 bucks.

It does sound different direct to a cab. I need to get a load box so that I can go from the cab output into my Powercab 212 Plus (Line 6). Working on that, since they are not cheap!

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