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suggestions for L-Rack for AH Wizard3 and some outboard ?

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hi guys,


i recently started using an AH Wizard3 16:2, for my live electronic gig. i also use some barebones outboard like lexicons, aphex gates and a rack sampler.



been surfin the net for a L-rack unit, but unsuccessful so far as far as dimensions. most are designed for smaller mixers.



here's what i'm looking for:


- a simple light rack (no dbl walls and springs etc.. too expensive)

- horizontal rack space big enough to fit a WZ3

(tilted would be nice too)

- 8 to 10 vertical rack spaces beneath the mixer, to put the outboard



any suggestions/ideas?




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thanks guys for the suggestion.. it is exactly what i need

however, is EWI, or something like it, available on the other side of the pond ?

i'm in southeast europe.. forgot to mention..



probably not. if you would have put a real location instead of "outer space" for your profile you would have gotten different responses for sure.

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