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Simple advice on analogues with midi out options needed

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Please could you help advise me on my options for the following:

I am looking to buy a synth to control my digital vsts and to give me a beginning insight into analogue mono or poly (I don't want a midi controller as feel this is a waste of money - with options out currently.)

Ideally I would like to spend from £100-500.

I am drawn to poly-synths (esp OB6 sound mmmm,) but that's a pipe dream as budget is limited...

So maybe I have to get a mono which allows me to control my vst's, and use digital synths for the pads/soundscapes. Think a bass station 2 can do this. Maybe there are others?

I truly don't know as have been using a mouse with VST's and A 88 key midi controller and my experience is limited.

I feel rotary knobs might be better than faders for vst control, but again I just don't know. And I don't have the cash to learn through novice mistakes.

I looked at the DeepMind, and Minilogue - as these are just within range. But I just don't have the experience to know how effectively they would work for VST mapping. And whether these poly's are more close to digital vst's anyway and I might be wiser to go for a mono.

Could the community give me some pointers.

Thanks in advance.

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