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Some exciting changes at Harmony Central

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As Gibson Brands has shifted its focus back to its core brands, Harmony Central has transitioned to a new ownership group made up of several music industry veterans. This group is passionate about maintaining everything that is currently great about the community, and growing it into the future.

We appreciate your grace and understanding right now as the transition is happening during an unusual and difficult time, with everyone's focus on the pandemic. Exciting things are in store, but may take longer than planned, so that we can stay focused on the health and safety of everyone involved.


What does it mean for me?

I am transitioning into a new role at Gibson, focusing on editing within the marketing department. Chris is also moving into a new role at Gibson, just as Dendy did earlier. I will still be around & participating - at least for the next four weeks, and possibly longer, but in a significantly reduced capacity than you may be used to.


What does it mean for the forum?

Our hope is that nothing changes. The website is staying on the same technology platform, will keep the same design, same forums, same moderators, and we hope the community continues on as usual. We could use everyone's help in monitoring for inappropriate posts and help maintain the same level of quality that we are used to, so please continue to flag posts whenever you see something that’s inappropriate. 


What does it mean for content?

The most exciting change will probably be in the form of increased product news and reviews. We will be partnering closely with Sweetwater Sound, several manufacturers, and other industry writers to increase the amount of valuable content. There should be more content posted in the future than what you have seen recently. We want Harmony Central to be recognized as the industry's best research destination now and into the future.


What else will change?

You will see an increase in sponsorships show up on the site from some of the industry's biggest manufacturers and ad partners who are excited to re-ignite the community’s growth. You will see more guest contributors than in the past. You will also see occasional giveaways and opportunities to score cool gear from our partners. You will see encouragement and opportunities to contribute gear reviews and other content as we build up Harmony Central's future as that ultimate music-centric research destination.





Senior Editor, Site Administrator, Harmony Central Communities 

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