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Another new guitar (s) day!


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In my ongoing effort to stimulate our economy, 2 new purchases have arrived.

Ibanez Artstar AM153QA in dark brown sunburst. What a guitar. Quilted/burl ash semi-hollow construction, 3 piece nyatoh/maple neck, beautifully rounded and polished fret ends, ebony fretboard, Super 58 pickups and series/split switching for the neck pickup. This guitar really rings my bell. I love the smaller body size and the fact that it has it's own distinctive shape rather than looking like a 2/3 sized 335 like the Gibson 339. The ash body makes it bright and dynamic and with the tone dialed back, it is smooth and creamy like an LP. What a great guitar. I've not owned or played an Artstar before, but I get it now.






The second to arrive was a Michael Kelly Patriot Decree in Black Vapor finish. I have owned a couple of Michael Kelly Patriot Customs in the past but sold them thinking I had to have a Gibson Les Paul. Something about these guitars keeps me coming back though, and the Black Vapor finish pushed me over the edge. This guitar was a bargain. South Korean-flawless build quality, perfect setup out of the box and both LP (mahogany body and neck with maple cap) and Tele tones (coil splits and through body stringing) The pickups are very good and the coil splits have almost no volume drop so are perfectly usable. This is a very impressive guitar and it really is a joy to play.





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