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Laney LC 50 ii

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I don't have one, and while the manual doesn't say if it's a series or parallel loop, it sure sounds like it's a parallel loop to me. The reason I say that is that in the efx loop description, it says "a portion of the signal leaves the amplifier via the send socket."

If you own this amp, there's an easy way to check whether the loop is parallel or series - just plug a cable into the send, and don't plug anything into the return. If the amp stops making sound, it's a series loop. If you can still hear something that's playing into the amp's main input jack, then it's a parallel loop.  


Edit: I just looked a bit further into the manual, and in the block diagram it states that the loop is a "side chain type", which means it is a parallel loop. It also looks like there's a separate level control for the effects loop too, which controls the return level from the loop, and allows you to blend in the desired amount of effects that get mixed with the main guitar signal. 

http://pdf.textfiles.com/manuals/STARINMANUALS/Hohner - Laney/LC50-II.pdf


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