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Time For A Tube Screamer!!

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But which one? To keep this simple & hopefully do it only once, I want it rich & thick, good definition but not gritty or fizzy, no tone-suck that I've heard on many pedals, low noise, & perhaps true bypass.  TS9 & the countless modified 9's, 9-GOLD, TS808, 808HW, MINI, 9DX, 40th ANNIV., any particular Keeley version, oh, & yeah, that MAXON OD808 40th & its many modded versions on Fleabay,,,?  BK Butler Tubeworks Tube Driver?? FWIW, using mainly low powered amps, it would not be the sole source of drive, but I do want something 'special' to go with my super loud Buddha TwinMaster combo. Thanks all & be well!



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You wish something more subdood than a Riot I presume. Umm Boss OD series; several to chuz at. i like Joyo Sweet Baby however they distinguished it from the bootyk one. Its kinda Dumbly but not. Whether you want a stable low gainer to shred on or a dynamic tone machine, most of the low gain stuff'll do. An old favorite is the Digitech SC2; has swithchable low/high gain and active 2 band EQ. Active makes way moar versittle.

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