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Just rattin' around the web turning over stones. This looks like a grass roots builder if there ever was one. Might I inquire of anyone if they've ever heard of the company, or possibly played one of their guitars?





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I have never heard of the company.


We have 2 builder in my area.

I have played Steve's guitars a bunch of times before, and they are amazing. It's a custom build no detail over looked. All and done. I could afford Steve's stuff  30 years ago, and I still can't afford them.

The guy for Brier Road is a student of Steve and he does a more modern build, using some really fancy woods. They also play like a dream.

If I hit the lottery I'm buy 2 from each of them.


Steve does my repairs and we go back 30 years. He's not open on Sunday's or Monday's> Sunday is a day to Bike or Ski, and Monday is a day to do more biking or skiing.

You're look at guitars that start on the 4-5 grand range and work their way up from there.

A buddy of mine had Steve make him a small body Martin parlor style guitar




There are a lot of micro builder out there that do some awesome work.







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On 3/7/2020 at 8:35 PM, Idunno said:

The Briar Road instruments are pretty nice. The builder I linked to is in the Philippines. Their most expensive guitar is under $1400.00.

I was that.

That's a pretty reasonable price. I have to see there work first hand before I sent dime to anywhere.




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