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Online automated mastering service?

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What's the latest thought on these vs an (advanced?) beginner doing it themselves?

I captured some poor to fair recordings on a Zoom H1 a couple weeks back of me on bass and a drummer friend of mine jamming with a couple guitarists who have some originals they want to record. Recordings poor mostly because the vocals are buried 😢 but also clipped in a couple spots. My latest attempt to "master" them (128k MP3's, another problem with the quality) using Audacity:

Clip Fix (didn't seem to help much, I remember it working well on WAV files a few years back)
Waves Renaissance Bass (+3db, got it free a few years back)
Treble Bass (+12db boost on the high end, maybe a bit much)
OldSkoolVerb (Mastering Bus preset)
Limiter â„–6 (Master_6 preset)

I'm also tempted to stick in "Neutron" after the normalize as I got that free a few years back too - very subtle effect in many folks opinions.  What would youse guys change? Obviously most would use some sort of parametric in place of "Treble Bass" - in my defense the quality of the original wasn't good enough to EQ any better IMO. OldSkoolVerb and Limiter №6 were highly thought of as freebees on the web. For an algorithmic verb it's not bad vs a convolution verb IMO.

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