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What gibson is this ???

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There is the summary, in a pawnshop in a third world country I found what seems to be a gibson les paul standard, many but many already looked at it these days and the price is say about 1200 dollars the problem sche they They sell as a Custom Historic reissue 1960 Vos, nose to what extent they are capable of deteriorating a guitar of such caliber, so the question, here are the photos, I hope someone has the wisdom.
















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Serial Decoder suggests that LP was was made on 10 October 2002 in Nashville.

Wiring harness and BB pickups appears to be similar to a LP Standard

I'm inclined to say it's a standard, but not an expert when it comes to LPs so maybe somebody more knowledgeable can chime in

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21 hours ago, Phil O'Keefe said:

You're right - and I've edited my post accordingly. But it does look a bit weird there, doesn't it? :idk:

It does look weird but it could be an optical illusion caused by reflections from the darker and lighter bits of the inside of the case.

It doesn't look quite as drastic in this picture...

On 2/17/2020 at 10:50 PM, ratson page 3 said:




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I compared the neck on my '01 Alley Kat [because it was sitting right here, and the neck is very Lp-ish, IYKWIM...] and I can easily get that optical illusion of an 'arrowhead' type appearance...from more than one angle. Trompe l'oeil, n'est-pas?

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