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Another RCF Art 310A on order

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Hey guys,


After buying a single RCF ART310A and testing it out I've decided to complete the pair. Ordered today, so should be here tommorow or Wednesday. I might just write a short review once I've tested the pair at a smaller gig or two.


What I can say, is that these little cabinets really sound bigger than they look. They also sound very high-fi and ear pleasing. The mids are somewhat reserved, which is probably what gives them their hi fi character. Highs are sweet and lows are good for such a small box. They don't go down to 50hz as claimed (if they do, it's pretty inaudible) but they do thump pretty well - I'm guessing down to about 80hz. Headroom/output is surprising. Maybe not 127dbs as claimed but it has been measured at about 124dbs in a shootout amongst a bunch of 10'' powered boxes. It was the loudest of the bunch beating FBT Max, JBL Eon, Mackie 350 and DB tech basic 100/200 boxes. (see link below)


It's too bad there is no mixer section. Only a single XLR in and out and a gain with mic/line switch. That's all. What it lacks in mixing facilities, it makes up in sound quality, output and outstanding size and weight.





Al :)

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