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Good beginner amps for pod HD500x

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Hi guys,

I'm buying a POD HD500x multi-effects floor processor, and I'm looking at second hand practice amps to use it with (not playing gigs, just home use, so don't need too much power). 
From what I've been told, to begin with I only need an amp that's got a nice clean tone that I can run the pod into. 
Looking to play mostly post rock, ambient, and math rock type music. 

Just looking for some advice on what specs or models of amp I should be looking at (getting pretty overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting recommendations on the net). 

Some that are available second hand in my area are below if anyone wants to recommend them (or give me an idea of an amp to keep my eyes open for). Budget is around $200. All listed are in Australian dollars:
- Marshall MG30FX ($200) 
- Marshall Valvestatte 40V 8040 model  ($200) 
- Cube 20XL ($200) 
- Vox VT20X    ($200) 
- Peavey Studio Pro 112  ($200) 
- Peavey Bandit 112  ($150) 
- Line 6 Flextone II Amp 250 Watt  ($140) 

Thanks heaps guys!

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You can buy a used Peavey Valveking 112 for about a $100. Good amps.


The one for a $100 online already sold. but you can find them

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IIRC, Aus$ are about $.67 [US], so your $200 budget is about [US]$135.  I was appalled at first by the used prices you posted until I remembered the exchange rate...😉

not sure if these are available in Oz, but the little 12W Orange Crush is a perfect bedroom amp, especially if you are running a Pod into it, and in the USA, you can get them under $100 [US]...NEW! They get great reviews, too.

The Peavey Bandit is often the butt of jokes here, so you might want to avoid that.

The Marshall Valvestates are okay.

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