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Zoom L-20

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I picked up a Zoom L-20. Only real suckage it those one knob compressors - has anyone ever found those useful on any mixer? Live I almost always use peak limiters instead - and Oh, and the Main graphic EQ is only accessible from the iPad app which requires a newer iPad than the three i already own :( plus you have to buy their optional BlueTooth adapter.

I bought this mosty to upgrade a rehearsal studio with multitrack recording capability. Anybody here played with one? Obviously below the level of equipment most of youse guys would use but I needed something that mere mortals can use as a rehearsal mier when I'm not there LOL

Me (bass player) and one of my drummers (who owns the space) recently hooked up with a couple of guys that have a bunch of decent originals - long story but one guy has IMDB cred as a producer and the other is an old friend of his who is the songwriter and just coming out of the "stopped playing to get married and have a couple kids" phase. I'll post a song here once I have recorded one. Kindof punk/garageband-ish. My only concern is the songs have no bridges but that's kindof typical of the genres...

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