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Recapping an amp


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2 hours ago, morse-electric said:

Recapping would seem to be wise I’m finding in late nineties to early 2000’s amps when it comes to power supply filters. So many terrible ones out there. A lot with cap disease and leakers galore. I have an Electar reissue on the bench with TREC caps and they’re all garbage. Granted it was a budget amp but COME ON. F&T are my go to.

I did replace the power supply filter cap on the Heath.

Replaced the reverb tank on the Deluxe. Worked fine. Got a tremelo "bug" from Amazon. Replaced that, and... nothing. Frustrated, I took a break. Had lunch. Took a nap.

As I woke up, my subconscious said to me, "The tremelo doesn't work unless you plug the footswitch in! Moron." So I got up, plugged in the switch, and Eureka! Tremelo.  Put it all back together, and tested it once more. Everything worked. Took it back to the owner today. He loves it! Says it has a lot more reverb than it had before. Sounds great. So the Heath has been pushed aside by the Fender. Now I can move on to messing about with my new super cheap bass guitar!

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