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Amit Suneja

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I'm unfamiliar with that particular brand. From their website, it does appear that they're based in Italy (but even if they are, I'd be surprised if they're building those boards in Italy - they're most likely made in China), and I haven't tried that mixer, so I can't speak to the quality of it, but it looks like a fairly inexpensive model.


Whether or not it would suit your needs and budget is hard to say - I couldn't find anywhere that was selling them, so I have no idea what the price is for one. 

It does appear to have a four year warranty, which is good - as long as you can get support for it in your country. 


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Proel is indeed an Italian company. My only experience with Proel gear has been regarding repairs, and the word 'disappointing' rings in my ears;  mainly because most of what gets to the USA is their low-end stuff, cheap mics, substandard stands, etc....so I would likely not recommend their mixer...I would heartily suggest you look at Yamaha or Allen and Heath for a 4-16 channel portable mixer.

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