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This is the most challenging riff I can play. It starts out relatively simply (!?) and then just gets harder from there over THREE levels of difficulty. Just a 3min video, and the 3 levels are explained and demonstrated within. Let me know what you think! What is the most challenging riff that you know?


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Tommy's a brilliant guitarist IMO, but the level three lick there isn't quite the actual "vocal melody" as used in the original song - if that's the way Tommy is playing it, he's taking some artistic liberties with that melody; not so much that it doesn't imply the original melody, but it's not exactly the same. Still, that would be a very difficult lick for most guitarists to play. 

If you like the idea of playing two parts simultaneously, you should check out some vintage Chet Atkins... he was a master at it. 


Tommy does a version of Yankee Doodle Dixie too... 


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