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Yamaha Red Label FG-110

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I was just offered a Yamaha Red Label  FG(Folk Guitar)- 110.  I have red reviews that say that Yamaha's are a little bright and Do not project like my old Fender Malibu.

I also know that Yamaha' s  have a knack to last forever; & I hate to take my Fender out of the house!

Will somebody give me a review? Thanks....LP from TX.

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If you do a web search using the search words, "Yamaha FG110" you'll find all the reviews you want.

Yamaha guitars are generally known to be, "bright," but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It won't sound like a D-28, but most people find their tone quite pleasant.  The seventies vintage red label guitars have a bit of a legendary reputation. That FG110 could be a sweet guitar.

They are, however, now over forty years old. Even a Yamaha can't last forever without some repair, such as a neck reset, and Yamaha's have a reputation for being difficult to repair.

Still, if it's in playable condition, I'd take it over that Fender in a heartbeat!

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