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Strymon Timeline help

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I recently invested in a Strymon Timeline to replace my Timefactor. I’m doing my presets one at a time and came across a problem:

when I engage my delay, play a note, disengage the delay to play a note I don’t want delay on, then engage the delay again to play a note I do want delay on, the delay gets out of sync. The delay will come on, but not when I think it should. Like, the delay will come on after the original notes are repeating. This seems to be no problem for the Eventide. Perhaps there’s a setting I’m missing in the timeline.

This is hard to describe. I have a song where I’m playing a delay around 36 bpm. I trigger the delay off to play notes I don’t want repeated in between notes I do. When I trigger the delay off, there’s no problem. The notes are being repeated from the delay and I’m able to play notes I don’t want repeated. When I trigger the delay back on and play notes I want repeated, it seems to take a bit to catch up and ruins the notes that were repeating the whole time. Causing two different times within a delay. It makes it sound like I’m not playing in time.

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