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Howdy LDHTH. Ok some humble advice.

Pitch. A lot of it was flat. Memorise the notes of the vocal melody so you can understand how it moves around in terms of pitch. I don't know how good your ear is but practise matching pitch to a wide variety of instrumentation. You can download free apps for this.

Tone. You had moments where you were able to place the sound in your nose to give it the sparkle it needs but there were many moments where your voice was kinda stuck in your mouth. This may be caused by a lack of cord closure or breath support.

You're also closing your throat a little bit at times and singing nasally at others. Just open your throat (feel cold air when you inhale) and that should fix both issues.

Good luck LDHTH.


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At a guess, it all became flat when the song was about to end. Looking back, I wonder now how the hell that got through. I made sure to listen to what I was recording. I actually have a good ear in music, the backing track was just really loud and I was straining. (You can't hear it in the finished product, but the backing track was really loud and I just edited it to be less loud. FTR, here's the backing track I used.)


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