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New Behringer "Wing" console

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The new Behringer "Wing" console is out. I have some stage boxes so this may be interesting 😉 

8 Midas PRO preamp inputs onboard
8 Midas PRO output onboard
24 100mm motorized faders in 3 separate, fully configurable sections
Plug and play remote I/O
144 input  and output channels
3 AES50 ports (based on KT SuperMAC)
Captive touch screen main display with built-in swivel
Touch sensitive channel editing section with 11 rotary controls and dedicated color TFT
Optional module for 64x64 channels audio over Ethernet support Waves Soundgrid and Dante/AES67
48x48 USB 2.0 audio interface onboard with DAW remote control (HUI & Mackie control)
Dual SD card live recorder/player, up to 64 tracks with markers
Additional 4 channel control section with rotary controls , buttons and parameters display for permanent access to mains, matrices or "money-channels"
Premium FX rack with 8 stereo processors based on TC , Lexicon, Quantec & EMT emulations
Standard FX rack with 8 stereo processors for wide array of modulation, EQ, dynamics, ...
5 variable plugin processing slots per channel with vintage EQ and compressors
40 stereo input channels
Insert FX slot and 4-band PEQ for each AUX channel
8 stereo AUX channels
Custom control section with 16 buttons and 4 rotary controls
4 main buses
8 matrices
16 stereo buses
All output buses have dual inserts, 8-band PEQ, stereo imager and full dynamics processing
2 ethernet ports with integrated switch for remote control
Expansion port for optional audio interfaces, audio bridges, MADI, ADAT, ...
StageCONNECT interface (32 channels)
AES/EBU stereo in and out on balanced XLR
8 balanced TRS AUX inputs
8 balanced TRS AUX outputs
2 TRS phone connectors
4 GPIO ports
3 year warranty

Behringer Wing.PNG

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On 11/19/2019 at 7:24 AM, Phil O'Keefe said:

It certainly looks interesting, and seems to have a lot of features. Interesting physical design too. I wonder if they'll be discontinuing the X32 series now, and whether or not other (smaller / rack mountable?) Wing models will be forthcoming. 

I believe this looks like an upgrade to the X/M32 line. More to add value and channel count to it. I know 40 Stereo inputs looks nice. I also heard rumors of more coming out in this line but time will tell. Looks like a loaded desk for $3500 retail.

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2 hours ago, agedhorse said:

How many physical inputs and outputs on the console?

It's more of a control surface. 8 on board XLR inputs, 8 XLR outputs and 8 Aux in/outs on 1/4 balanced.  40 full featured Stereo inputs, 8 Aux inputs. The newest firmware added quite a bit but I see it as a desk still in the making.  Loaded in a way for the price. It can use any X/M32 stage boxes as well as many of the current Midas Pro Series Stage boxes. More here.


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13 hours ago, agedhorse said:

40 STEREO inputs? Has something changed in pro audio that I am unaware of? 

It's all how you look at it. There is 40 stereo channels but they can't be switched to Mono for 80 mono inputs. The reverse is if you have lots of stereo keys boards or other stereo inputs then you don't use up 2 channels for every stereo input needed. Each channel also has an alternative channel input as well. To me I like the 16 stereo Buses available. ( the same as 32 mono if you needed 16 stereo outs for IEM )  The desk is truly loaded in its price range. If its the right desk only the person who is buying it will know.  I like a desk with more local inputs so I can bring only a desk for small shows. I have a Midas M32R for this with 32 channels of stage boxes down Cat5e for a little more channels if needed. With the Wing your committed to going out all the time with stage boxes. The Wing is much different than most standard console. As long as it doesn't become an Edsel there should be a use for it.   https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Behringer+Wing+input+processing&&view=detail&mid=4609E6B576174BAD922C4609E6B576174BAD922C&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3DBehringer%2BWing%2Binput%2Bprocessing%26FORM%3DVDVVXX

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I'd agree that it's more of a control surface than a complete mix board. Since internally it's all software it does seem like a bit of a waste to have all of those I/O's fixed as stereo. Yes there's lots of stereo gear on stage (keys, E-Drums, tracks, guitar FX boxes and the like) but I don't know many stereo vocalists, drums or horn/ string players. I realize it can be worked around but why???

I know a contractor who has purchased several of these, I'll have to ask his opinion next time I see him. Some of this fellow's techs say they sound great and they like them a lot so that counts for something.

Glad Behringer is continuing to expand their line (I like the M32/X32 lineup). If the software is as good as it's predecessors, I'm sure it's a joy to operate.

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