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Just because it says "tube" on the label...

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...doesn't mean it always has a tube inside. 

However, that's not always the case - there actually are some pedals that do use a real tube, such as the Fender MTG Tube Distortion that I recently reviewed. If you haven't tried one, it's well worth checking out... and if you're unsure, please check out the review and see if it sounds like something you'd be interested in auditioning for yourself... 



As always, if you have any questions or comments about the pedal or the review itself, please feel free to post them here in this thread. :wave:



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We went down a similar road before years ago.  There was a pedal company with a pedal that actually appear to have a read tube being shown and it was only a light.  On the other side I was watch a pedal review the other day where the pedal was taken apart and they showed what was referred to as a "tube" though it had something else added to the name and it was very tiny.  I watch so many reviews and samples I can't recall where I heard it now.  

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2 hours ago, mikesr1963 said:

I don't run tube amps.  Is this pedal meant to be used with tube amps or is for used with solid state amps?  


It can be used with either tube or solid state amps, and sounds great with both types of amps. 

And yes, I've seen tons of products that supposedly have a tube in them where the tube doesn't really do much of anything - in some cases, the circuit worked just fine even if you pulled the tube out of the product. :eekphil:  And as far as LED lights behind tubes, and the tubes displayed through a window or other opening in the face of the product, that's an old marketing gimmick that is used to "highlight" the tube - Most preamp tubes don't glow like that on their own, even when they are running at a high plate voltage. Actually, the Markbass Little Mark Vintage bass amp that I recently reviewed used that same "backlight the tube with LEDs" trick, although like the Fender MTG pedal, they actually run the tube at a nice, healthy / high voltage level - neither the amp nor the pedal uses a "starved plate" design, and the tube is an integral part of the circuit design that actually "does something."


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