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I think i just bought a DIY Tonebender...?

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Hello guys, I bought a DIY fuzz today in a s/h shop for £20 (well I part-exchanged it for a Bad Monkey + £5). 

Ive got it home, opened it up and there are 3 components marked Mullard OC84.

I googled it and its coming up with a Tonebender? It has mkII written on the front in sharpie also. Is this a TB mkII clone, or maybe something else? Can anyone tell by looking if its tip negative or positive please?

Thanks 👍DSC_0198.thumb.JPG.77e044fa40be7b13f81b3b8afe6687bb.JPG







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Looks like it is point to point and hand made. Most likely a MkII Tonebender clone. I don’t see a charge pump, so it probably uses standard Tonebender wiring... but I can’t guarantee that without a better look at the circuit, which is largely blocked by the stuff (non-shrunk heat shrink tubing?) over the transistors.

Nice score - how does it sound?


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My bad Phil. Ive updated my post with 2 more pics. That one shows all components as far as I can tell.



Edit - Ive not tried it with my rig yet. But in the shop I tested it on an old Valvestate and it sounded very smooth, even with the fuzz cranked it didnt 'spit' or glitch out at all. Ive never even touched a fuzz in my life though so Im not really the best person to say 😁

Edit #2

(Duh!) This pic answers one question 😅

Thanks again 🤘


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Thanks Phil.

I found this


It says it has polarity protection.

Can I use this PSU that I own with it? It comes with a polarity inverter.



Thanks once again.

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