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Please suggest a decent starter kit for my sons

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I'm a guitar player with three boys (ages 8 and 6 and 6) whom I am hoping pick up any instrument. At least two have said they want to play drums. I've always wanted to try the drums myself, so I think it would be great to get a kit for the kids and if they have no interest, I'll use them (I'll use them anyway).

Thus, my question is... What would be a solid starter kit? Budget under $1,000. I hate buying crap. But truth be told I KNOW {censored} ABOUT DRUMS! I have zero clue. So clue me in if you would. 

Lastly, I'm a bit of a traditionalist, so I'm not thrilled about a digital kit... but I do see the advantages... what thoughts do you have about that?

Thanks in advance

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Just learning?
1.) Electronic drums pretty much require electricity, and...  a headset ...  or speakers...   headset... *cough*...   nice practice kit...    think about that.

b.) Acoustic drums can be played during a power outage.   (Serious...  30 day’s without electricity due to hurricane michael did NOT prevent me from playing my drums.) 

2.28c.) learning curve...   go look at a couple local used kits.  don’t buy the first kit you see unless it’s a no brainer...    it’s an instrument... You play music, you know about this...  is it taken care of?  Beat up?   Compare...  
.)     Name brand doesn’t mean much anymore... I’m a Ludwig man, but ludwig has a cheap line as well...    Pearl, slingerland, Rogers, tama, yamaha, Sonor, DW, Ludwig, Gretsch, North, and a hundred other professional quality manufacturers will keep you spinning... 

see what you have available locally, take some pics, listen, get a feel...   bring all your questions here...   there are people in this forum with the skills and willingness to help with this...  be forewarned...   drums are habit forming and some say addiction is real...




1) I have 8yr old and 17yr old progeny still at home..  when you said 3 boys...  

b) neighbors...  lol...


.)   If I don’t see a question you have on this, message me...   

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If you go on YouTube and search for "best beginning drum kit" you'll find several decent videos where various kits from different manufacturers are compared (although I suspect many just come from the same factory in China).  The Pearl Export Series got great reviews in one of the videos I recently watched.  That series has been around for a while and was always something approaching a mid-level kit rather than a starter kit.  I was surprised to see it among starter kits.

I wouldn't go too crazy on a first kit but I would avoid bottom of the barrel stuff.  They're not enjoyable to play, difficult to tune, they tend to easily go out of tune, and you'll get pennies on the dollar if you should try to sell.  Same for low-end digital drum kits.  Sounds are awful, playing surfaces suck, and you'll never get money back if you decide to sell.  Every beginning drummer should learn his/her rudiments on an acoustic kit and how to get around on an acoustic kit before diving into a full e-drum setup.

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