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New Tubes for Old Gibson Amp Needed!!


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Hi all~~  I'm going to need tubes for my new, 1953 Gibson GA40 T combo, it's been ages since I've needed octals. I'm not at all concerned about period correct metal 6SJ & 6SN7's, & coke bottle 5V or 5U4 rect. I want strong, reliable & quiet. Glass or Metal? Without furthur breaking an already broken piggy bank, where's the place to go for these oddball octal?  I'll just go EH or JJ for the 3 6V6's, one for the tremolo, but the others I'm just not in the loop.

Thanks for everyone sharing your expertise. 🕉

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I've tested allot of tubes in the past couple of years including the JJ and EH.  Knowing how Gibson amps sound and knowing the tubes I'd recommend the EH over the JJ's.

EH are fairly flat in response and have excellent gain with low noise. They will make that Gibson amp sound excellent.  JJ's are better for high gain amps that need allot of midrange overdrive.  You can push their tubes into saturation and get a focused midrange sound out of them.  EH does make a 6SN7 so that's no problem. 

The  companies I purchase from are Tube Depot - The Tube Store - and Antique Electronic Supply (Tubes and More)

The 6SJ isn't a valid tube number I think its more likely a 6SJ7.  You'll likely need to buy a new old stock version.  AES has them here.   https://www.tubesandmore.com/products/6sj7-pentode-sharp-cut


Don't forget to check and see if the power tubes need biasing and also be sure to buy a matched pair of tubes instead of buying singles which may be wildly different in strength.   


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