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DIN-jack for sustainer pedal?

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Hi everyone,

my (very dear but musical beginner-) friend recently bought a cheap(ish) no-name digital piano online. (I wasn't aware, would have stopped her otherwise)

The thing was delivered and works more or less. She was happy until she tried to connect a sustainer pedal... the "suspedal" jack is a 5-pin DIN... she connected her pedal to the audio output, which kind of didn't work... I have never seen a sustainer pedal with a DIN-connector and suppose there is no such thing on the market. I think they might have "accidentally" added a standard MIDI-trio to the board and basically forgotten about the pedal - has anyone ever seen such a thing?

Thank you


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Yes, there are a few keyboards that have a DIN connector for their pedals. I can't guarantee that this will work, but here's just one example. 




It would help to know who made the keyboard in question... isn't there any identifying marks on it, such as a model number or anything like that? 



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