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My Siel DK 80 is not turning on even after i have the fuses replaced (the one was OK but othe was not so i replaced both with the right specs of 1.6A/250v).
Used to turn on with all lights flashing and i coudnt press any button i had an arp - like sound on the phones that i could not trigger from the keys as far as i remember.
So my main questions are two. What makes a synth not to turn on even if fuses are OK and how can i measure the PSU on this specific synth.
I have to mention that in my effort to fix this (i have spotted a few missing pins on the grey cable on both sides on the right of the PCB) i have by ignorance connected the left ribbon cable (there are 2 cables one black on the left and one grey on the right that the mainboard is connected to things) the opposite way, a fact that caused a burn smell comming from the small PCB that the "Master volume" is connected apart from the mainboard.
Obviously i burned a component there on the small PCB which i havent checked at all till now.
Now the synth does not turn on at all.
Any ideas ?

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I once owned a DK-70 (many years ago), a Keytar type instrument.  That one also just stopped working.  I thought the power might have been reversed, but had not changed adapters.  you might be able to take it to an electronics person, they would lokely know what burned, and could replace it, even if they're not a musical instrument tech.  It may have burned before you messed with a ribbon cable, hard to say for sure.  If you know a good repair person, they're your best bet.  good luck!  

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