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Here are the finished instruments together.  As you can see the Tele finish came out a bit lighter and more transparent due to the fact I Mixed the stain and Tung oil together for the first few coats and the stain didn't penetrate the grain as deep.  I will likely re-fret the tele neck is short order as well. The stock frets were worse then I suspected. You cant tell how bad the frets  are till you get it strung up under tension and the truss adjusted.  I was able to level them but these are basic medium, not high or jumbo which I prefer. I cant get much grip bending strings and get allot of friction from the fretboard. 

Overall the tone is very different from my stock tele.  Its even more unusually nice then the Strat was.  The cleans are almost Zither like in the way they resonate clear and acoustic like. No problem cranking the thing up either. 

Here are two tracks with each of the guitars playing lead.  I apologize ahead of time, I've been suffering from a bad case of Trigger Finger which I need to get treated so the leads are pretty basic stuff, still they give you and idea how each guitar sounds gained up.

This is the Tele 

This is the strat

Here are the two together.  I'm still deciding is I want to swap an all maple neck to this tele. The Pickguard being more red matches the finish a bit too closely so I may get a darker one like the Strat has.  I only had those Smaller Fender Amp type knobs for the Tele.  They are a bit smaller but do give it a Custom Tele look.  I wired the two 500K pots as independent volumes for each pickup which I actually like and I reversed the switch towards the tail which I've done on several of my builds.  More suitable for my playing.

The compensated 3 saddle Tele bridge was the first for me and even though the staggering is about 5mm it worked out surprisingly well. A standard tele bridges with 3 saddles can be fairly accurate by using string height to kelp compensate the individual strings. You can get a nearly ideal height across the fretboard with these compensated saddles.  It does sound different then having 6 individual saddles too. I think the string pairs on single saddles provide some of the unique Tele magic. 

I didn't notice that bridge gave both options, Through body or top load.  I could have mounted a Bigsby on this one if I wanted. I do have one too but its black and wouldn't match the colors very well.  Anyway, that's the end of these two builds.  I have one more New neck I'll eventually give a home but again, I'm not in any big rush.  I likely have all the parts I need too. 



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